Extra 50% Off Temp. Promo!, #1 NEW 100% Svetol® & GCA® Green Coffee Bean Extract. The ONLY 1200mg Capsule Containing 600mg Svetol® & 600mg GCA® (Not Diluted with Generic Green Coffee Extracts or Blends), 3600mg/day 30-day Supply. 90 Capsules. Zero Fillers


Product Description

Nutripure Ultra Premium Svetol® is Your Clinically Proven Secret to Fast Weight Loss!

Why is Our Formula More Effective Than All of the Others?

-As of 7/9/2013, Our doses of Svetol® and GCA® far surpass every other product on the market. After 9 months of testing, we found this formulation to be the most effective
-The only professional strength product previously available only through health professionals
-Svetol® has proven weight loss results in 8 research studies with NO SIDE EFFECTS
-Svetol® is clinically-proven to improve lean mass to fat mass ratio by 4%
-Svetol® is much more expensive than GCA® many times more expensive than generic GCE's. Svetol® is from Robusta beans while all others come from cheaper Arabica beans
-Strongest guarantee in the business and world class customer service

How Does it Work?

The GCB Extract decrease glucose intestinal absorption, inhibits the glucose-6- phosphatose in the liver, and suppresses appetite

What Can You Expect:

- Reduced belly fat
- Increased metabolism
- Suppressed appetite
- No side effects or caffeine crash

Dr. Oz Recently Said That Green Coffee Bean Extract Is:

- The first natural ingredient that lets you lose weight without diet or exercise
- The most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date.

You Can't Lose With Our "Lose Weight or it's Free" 100% Money Back Guarantee

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