BSN VOLUMAIZE - Arctic Berry, 1.26 lb (20 servings)


Product Description

VOLUMAIZE is a premier performance athletic aid and dietary supplement, scientifically designed to impact one's physique and performance during an actual training session. This real-time effect is what endurance and performance athletes demand, and allows individuals to reap benefits during their training. VOLUMAIZE works by supporting the uptake and usage of critical performance-mediated ingredients that contribute to muscle performance and growth, including designer carbohydrates, anabolic amino acids and crucial electrolytes. The result is what can only be described as a true advantage when using VOLUMAIZE to help support physical performance and the potential for activating lean mass gains during any type of training session that you may engage in. Users of VOLUMAIZE have added support to help improve workout performance via swifter recovery during and after training and increased carbohydrate and amino acid uptake and storage, supporting increases in strength, power, endurance and hydration.


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