The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator with Magnetic Stirrer - 32oz Flask


Product Description

All the great features included in this colloidal generator produce finer colloidal silver. No need to keep stirring because this unit has a built in adjustable speed magnetic stirrer.

Current limiting technology produces smaller particles of silver. Once the low, preset current it reached, it will remain at that level.

Polarity Swap - This feature change the polarity on the silver electrodes every couple of minutes. This eliminates the need to clean the silver wires as often. When making the recommended 7-10 ppm, you may not have to clean them at all. This will be much appreciated. It also evenly wears the silver wires. Great feature. You have the ability to turn this feature off giving you more control.

Large 1000ml (33oz) Glass flask comes with a rubber stopper with pre drilled holes to hold the wire electrodes.

9V DC adapter plugs into household current and is stepped up to 35V DC.

A Total Dissolved Solids Meter (TDS) included to test the parts per million of silver particles in your water.

2 - 8" 10 gauge 9999 pure silver wires are included. The larger surface area will produce smaller silver particles. Cleaning pad included.

Makes 8-10ppm. Ideal for personal use.

The magnetic stirrer continually stirs the water so you do not have to.

Accessories may differ slightly from photo depending on supply.

To make this unit portable, add our battery holder # B00HKL69BQ

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