CytoSport CytoCarb 2, 100% Complex Carbohydrate Powder, 1.98 lbs. (Pack of 4)


Product Description

CytoSport CytoCarb 2 is a 100% natural complex carbohydrate complex featuring a combination of short, medium, and long linear chain maltodextrins with a very low "DE" (Dextrose Equivalence). CytoCarb II helps improve performance and endurance by maintaining muscle glycogen at peak levels. With zero fat, very low sodium, no flavoring, colorings or additives, CytoCarb II enables you to customize shakes and juices to double, even triple, their carbohydrate content. CytoCarb II dissolves instantly in water and is the perfect tool to increase carbohydrate intake for harder workouts and faster recovery.


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