Doctor's Best Best MSM 1000 mg, 180-Capsules


Product Description

Clinical research on the role of msm in the human body has culminated in the filing of several patents covering numerous uses for msm as a dietary ingredient for both humans and animals. as a result of these investigations, it is believed that physical and psychological stress increases in the human body when the msm concentration falls below minimum levels, resulting in a loss of normal organ function.based on observations, ingestion of msm by humans has the following beneficial effects:msm supports maintenance of strong, healthy body tissues by donating sulfur for formation of sulfur tie-bars between connective tissue proteins.msm supports normal gastrointestinal function.msm improves the body's resistance to adverse physical stress.msm supports mental alertness and maintenance of healthy mood.msm promotes the body's processes that heal tissue.msm helps modify the physiologic response to allergens.msm supports normal lung function.msm supports normal relaxation of muscles.msm supports normal joint function.msm helps maintain healthy skin.supplementation is needed to realize the benefits of msmwidespread in nature, msm is found in a variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, raw milk, raw meat and raw fish. however, msm is a volatile substance easily lost during cooking, pasteurization, food processing and storage. the average american diet thus supplies at best a marginal msm intake, which may be inadequate to maintain the optimum msm concentration in the body. the body's msm concentration is also believed to decline with increasing age.


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