Green Coffee Bean Extract, 600mg Green Coffee Extract Capsules with 50% Chlorogenic Acid From GCA (As Recommended on Dr Oz). Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract - Jitter Free (60 Count Bottle)


Product Description

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Can Help Stop, Block, and Burn Fat

Green Bean Coffee Extract? What is It?
Green Coffee Bean Extract is derived from green coffee beans. The beans have naturally occurring Chlorogenic Acid, this is the key ingredient. As recommended by Dr Oz Green Coffee Bean Extract should be standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid from GCA.

How Do the Pills Work?
Green Coffee Extract is a revolutionary supplement that blocks and stops fat storage and helps burn more fat. At the same time it remains natural and safe with no negative side effects. One way it works is to slow the release of sugar into the blood this helps to inhibit fat storage. At the same time, Chlorogenic acid has also been found to help increase fat and sugar burned in the liver.

Green Coffee Extract in Studies
A three month study on Green Coffee Extract where the participants took 600mg two times per day resulted in an average weight loss of 17 pounds. Studies indicate that Green Coffee Extract Pills can double your weight loss efforts over your normal routine. In a Dr. Oz experiment conducted on his studio audience, half the audience took 1200mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract and the other half took a placebo. The results found that those who took the Extract lost two times as much weight as the control group.

This Product is Safe For You and Your Family
Our Green Coffee Extract is made in the USA under the highest laboratory conditions in a strict cGMP facility, we meticulously analyze every batch in our labs to guarantee safety and quality.

Results you Could See:
- Drop Dress/Pant Sizes
- Burn Belly Fat
- Inhibit Fat Storage
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