GU Energy Labs Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel, Variety Pack, 24 Count


Product Description

GU, the original energy gel, provides athletes with a shot of 100 calories in the form of a patented carbohydrate blend to deliver high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes. GU also includes electrolytes to ensure proper hydration, an antioxidant blend to stave off muscle tissue damage and an amino acid blend to delay muscle fatigue. GU energy gels are the only energy gel with a special blend of branched chain amino acids to serve as a fuel source (when taken with carbohydrates), reduce muscle damage, enhance recovery and delay fatigue - all critical during intense or long efforts. The fructose converts quickly into an energy molecule that your muscles can tap within minutes. The malt dextrin, which makes up 70-80% of the carbohydrate blend (depending on flavor), takes several minutes longer. Because of this delay, your muscles enjoy a steady stream of energy instead of one gigantic sugar rush and a corresponding crash. GU energy gel packs pack 100 calories into every packet. 100 calories is an ideal serving size to suck down 15 minutes before training or racing in order to top off your electrolyte and glucose stores, followed by one every 30-45 minutes along the way, washed down with a few sips of fluid.


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