Healthy 'n Fit Thermogize 150c, Bottle


Product Description

Why Your Effective "Fat Burner" Can Also Burn Muscle...One of the most important factors of weight/ fat loss is to maintain or build lean muscle tissue while you are losing weight/ fat. Now, independent studies suggest that ingredients in many other popular weight loss / "fat burner" products can also increase protein breakdown. This can lead to muscle burning/ muscle loss along with "fat burning"; no one can afford to lose precious lean muscle tissue/ muscle tone while losing weight, as this will certainly not provide the best results. Moreover, other products may claim to burn fat and build muscle; however, these products may be poorly formulated in that the ingredient formulation may be antagonistic - still producing less than the best results. Why Thermogize is Also Better Than Ephedra...It is also important to note that before it was banned, most companies sold ephedra products, which have proven to be harmful. Healthy 'N Fit has never sold ephedra for mere profit, because we believed it was not in the consumer's best interest. Ephedra may be efficacious for weight loss, however, it can also be a strong stimulator of excess cortisol which can lead to muscle loss. Spanning four decades...Healthy 'N Fit Nutritionals is the proven leader in many nutritional technologies. The doctors and nutritional science experts at Healthy 'N Fit have developed the technology which is incorporated into Thermogize. Thermogize supports weight/ fat loss, increased energy and lean muscle goals. Moreover, since excess weight/ fat may not come from just one factor, unlike other products, Thermogize supports weight/ fat loss from many factors making Thermogize a proprietary, comprehensive formulation. In order to achieve your weight/fat loss, energy and lean muscle goals, it is essential that with any product you have a good diet and reduce your calories, and exercise will also further enhance your results.


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