Hyalogic Synthovial Seven Pure Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 1 oz


Product Description

Synthovial Seven Pure Hyaluronic Acid by Hyalogic 1 oz Serum Synthovial 7 IT WORKS Hyaluronic acid (HA) has been proven by numerous medical studies to alleviate pain and suffering from arthritis of the knee and other joints . Synthovial 7 is an oral solution made from premium grade hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight between 2.4 -- 3.0 million Daltons . Hyaluronic acid is a polymer and it can come in varying molecular weights. Studies have shown more benefits with the higher molecular weight HA polymers. More cushioning and lubricating properties for the joints and tissues more moisture retaining qualities for the skin. IT WORKS FAST Synthovial 7 is a liquid solution of hyaluronic acid. Oral solutions by nature are absorbed by the body easier and quicker than tablets and capsules. Enjoy the benefits faster --- joint pain relief clearer smoother younger looking skin and all the other anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid all throughout the body. IT IS EASY TO TAKE A full dropper o


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