Kava Root Powder From Vanua Levu Fiji in Tea Bags!!! 10.8% Kavalactones (20 Tea Bags)


Product Description

Rua Brothers carries the best kava available to the market. Fresh from our farm to your bilo. Our kava plants are harvested starting no earlier than 5 years old so that our consumer will have the best kava available to them. After harvest our roots are washed thoroughly and dried the natural way, by the sun for 5 days. Our kava is then pounded into a fine powder (see photos) and sent via airfreight to our distributors in the USA and abroad within 10 days from original harvest date. Our kava consist of Lateral and Crown Root only, we never use the stems or leaves in any of our product as we feel this part of the plant is just fluff and is cheating our clients of the quality they deserve.. Rua Brothers takes pride in the product we bring to the market, and want to make our clients more knowledgeable about what their consuming.


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