La Molina Gelatinized Maca, 500 Milligrams of Gelatinized Maca Pure per Tablet, 100 Tablets


Product Description

La Molina Gelatinized Maca, 845 Milligrams of Gelatinized Maca Pure per Tablet, 100 Tablets: Maca La Molina is the true brand feature on CNN & Discovery Health and the only brand of Maca approved by physicians w/ numerous published clinical trials done by University of Cayetano Heredia. Maca is a plant that grows in the high zones of the Peruvian Andes. The root of this plant has been traditionally used as primary source of energy by the natives of the region that goes back to various milleniums before the famous Inca Empire for extreme boosting of sexual drive and performance. The root of the maca is a nutritional supplement for natural health, recommended for men and women. Maca is a natural hormone balancer which not only acts as a natural sexual libido enhancer and eases menapause and PMS symptoms, but also boosts energy and improves stamina for athletes or active person. La Molina is the only brand of maca invested in numerous international published clinical trials done on humans. Please keep in mind that our clinical test is base on our gelatinized maca. Do not confuse with other brand of ordinary maca. Our clinical test shows that one tablet of our Maca gelatinized La Molina is equivalent to 6-8 tablets of other brand. That is due to our gelatization procedure which made our Maca to be over 98% bio rate compare to 48% of regular maca.


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