LifeForce Compact EZ-1 Colloidal Silver Generator Package


Product Description

The LifeForce Compact X-1 Colloidal Silver Generator Package includes two 6-inch 14 gauge 9999 pure silver wires, fully assembled and wired battery case, cover and six cover screws, non-metallic stirring spoon, scrubber, clear vinyl carrying case, thermometer, mechanical timer with alarm, detailed, photographic, Assembly and Operating Instructions, and two LifeForce publications: Why Colloidal Silver? and FAQ's. This simple, easy-to-use unit is rugged and designed for years of trouble free use. Supplied with a 6-MONTH Repair/Replacement Guarantee and Free Unlimited Technical Assistance. NEW INFORMATION 10/31/2013: The X-1 makes both clear and yellow cs, depending on the length of time the unit is operated. 5ppm and 10ppm are clear, 15ppm is faint yellow and 20ppm is yellow. Above 20ppm the cs is amber. The photo is 25ppm. This is due to the distribution of particle sizes, because more larger silver nano-particles are made as the concentration increases (silver ions and the smallest silver nano-particles are produced at 5ppm to 10ppm). The two 6-inch silver wires will make about 200 gallons of 5ppm cs. The unit can also use heavier gauge silver wires, which will reduce processing times, due to the larger surface area. 6-inch 12 gauge silver wires will process about 25-30% faster and 6-inch 10 gauge silver wires will process about 40-45% faster. DISCLAIMER: This device and the product it generates are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician.


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