MediSILVER CLEAR (20 ppm of 99.99+% Pure Bioavailable Colloidal Silver) - Five (5) U.S. Gallons


Product Description

Five (5) U.S. Gallons of MediSILVER CLEAR in a heavy-duty polyethylene FDA compliant F-Style container (glass container also available for extra cost). MediSILVER CLEAR is 20 ppm of 99.99+% pure Silver as bio-available ions colloidally suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water. MediSILVER CLEAR's ions are only 0.3 nanometers and thus 100% bio-available. No color is added. No protein is present. Not photo-sensitive in carboy. Shelf life should be several years for unopened bottles, several months for opened containers.


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