Metabolic Nutrition Tri-PEP Nutritional Supplement, Lemonade, 400 Gram


Product Description

Tri-pep is ideal for all individuals who are looking to increase physical activity and improve exercise performance, while reducing fatigue, accelerating recovery and preserving lean muscle. Dedicated to manufacturing pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, backed by scientific research and formulated by a medical doctor, metabolic nutrition is the first to develop and introduce tri-pep. The only designer "peptide-bonded" BCAA in the marketplace. While BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) are essential, regular free-form BCAAs are missing critical co-factors to make BCAA metabolism effective. Tri-pep "peptide-bonded" BCAA contains the correct ratio of these critical co-factors to make BCAA chemical structure to provide greater absorption and bioavailability. Thus, increasing blood plasma amino concentrations, which results in greater muscle BCAA saturation. Once absorbed in the blood-stream, tri-pep "peptide-bonded" BCAA elevate muscle glycogen levels and inhibit lactic acid buildup, allowing for significantly greater endurance while preventing lean muscle tissue breakdown. Tri-pep additionally supports improved protein synthesis, nitric oxide production, growth hormone levels and igf-1 release to preserve and enhance lean muscle. Tri-pep also differs from regular and instantized BCAAs which have a reputation of mixing poorly and bitter-chemical aftertaste. Tri-pep "peptide-bonded" BCAA exclusive hydra-sorb process mixes easily and provides a greater flavor profile when mixed in water or your favorite beverage. Tri-pep "peptide-bonded" BCAA produces superior physical stamina, endurance, and muscle recovery, all in an easy-mixing and great-tasting BCAA, that makes it a critical supplement in any athlete's workout.


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