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"The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat" Raspberry Ketone Drops by NewLifeBotanicals

Raspberry Ketone is the weight loss supplement you've probably seen all over TV. It automatically starts burning fat and at the same time reduces your appetite. That's a powerful combination and it's been proven to work. No side effects. Completely all nature. Dr. Oz Says "The #1 Miracle in a Bottle to Burn Your Fat"!

Scientifically Shown to Burn Fat

In a study released by Planta Medica in 2010, it was proven that raspberry ketones are a powerful fat burner. The Journal Life Sciences released information from a study as far back as 2005! In this study, mice were given a high-fat diet over the course of six weeks. Then in the five weeks following that, they were given the same diet, but with the addition of raspberry ketones. It showed that during the second phase, the raspberry ketones actually helped REVERSE the weight gain they experienced during the first phase resulting from the high-fat diet.

How it Melts Away Fat

Raspberry Ketone basically tells your body to produce higher levels of Adiponectin. Adiponectin is a protein naturally found in your body and is used to regulate your metabolism. With more of it, your body gets a boost in metabolism and ultimately burns away fat effortlessly.

NewLifeBotanicals Raspberry Ketone Drops contain a unique and proprietary blend of all natural ingredients proven to further your weight loss:

- African Mango: additional boost to metabolism
- Acai: provide powerful antioxidants
- Kelp & Grapefruit: help hinder your appetite
- Apple Cider Vinegar: helps further weight loss

Combined, this is the most powerful drops currently available. 100% natural. Fast-acting drops.


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