Optimal Iodine | 6.25 mg Of Natural Pure Iodine | 90 Easy-To-Swallow Vegetarian Capsules | Free Of Common Allergens | Seeking Health


Product Description

Optimal Iodine supplies 6.25 mg per capsule to provide a convenient way to supplement in milligram amounts.

To facilitate biological activity, Optimal Iodine provides several different forms of iodine, including molecular iodine and two forms of iodide. Each of these forms is well-absorbed and has shown benefit in different ways. Iodide is the most common supplemental form of iodine. Iodide is selectively accumulated by the thyroid gland and has been shown to have antioxidant properties that can help protect eyes and brain cells against oxidative damage. On the other hand, although molecular iodine is not as commonly found in dietary supplements, it is favorably accumulated by the mammary gland and has been reported to be superior to iodide in supporting breast health in women.

Optimal Iodine can be taken to help support normal thyroid function and the needs of numerous tissues throughout the body.


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