Oxygen/Colloidal Orange Pineapple 16 Ounces


Product Description

Oxygen with Colloidal Silver in Orange Pineapple or Mt. Berry Flavor or Plain offers a detoxifying solution with the great tropical flavor of Orange Pineapple. Get a blast of liquid oxygen safely and quickly into your bloodstream and help eliminate toxins, poisons and fungi from your body. This delicious OxyLife product can improve your oxygen intake while giving you an energy boost. Perfect for working out, Oxygen with Colloidal Silver has also been known to help you recover up to fifty percent faster from strenuous exercise and does not require you to add water in order to use. You will breathe better and keep your systems defenses against toxins and viruses high when you use Oxygen with Colloidal Silver.Benefits:Destroys bacteria & viruses Destroys fungi Increase energy Detoxification of the body Helps with Chronic Candidiasis Helps with Fiberomyalgia Helps with oxygen intake 50% fast recovery rate from injury, stress and strenuous exercise Eliminate buildup of toxins and poison in cells, tissue and blood No added water need


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