Salmetto DHT Blocking All-natural Saw Palmetto Hair Building Supplement


Product Description

The key ingredient in Salmetto is the saw palmetto extract, which blocks the production of dihydrotestosterone, a major factor in both male and female-pattern baldness. Combined with other natural herbs, our clinically proven solution has provided the best results for our customers.

Salmetto limits DHT production naturally without chemical side effects. Salmetto blocks 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Once the "root cause" of hair loss has been cured, hair follicles regain their normal size and begin growing new hair. Salmetto is a safe herbal supplement and usually produces results after approximately 90 days (three to six months).

Salmetto works best for men and women 40 and under and those who also are still experiencing a hair growth phase. As you grow older your hair growth cycle cannot keep up with the rate of your hair loss. Salmetto's results are the best with subjects whose hair are still in the growth cycle and is receding or thinning. Salmetto is about power - natural, herbal, organic power. Don't let hair loss leave you feeling helpless. Salmetto's potent mix of saw palmetto and natural herbs puts you back in control, the truly natural way.

Benefits: - Increases hair growth and thickness - All-natural ingredients - No chemical side effects - Made in the USA - Helps regain your confidence


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