Silver Protocol


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Safe for everyday use, Silver Protocol Silver Solution helps boost your immune system and protect you and your loved ones. Silver Sol's patented technology processes silver molecules into nano particles that are easily dispersed and kept suspended in purified water - this is the key to their gentle effectiveness. Here is how we differ from other silver products and what makes Silver Protocol thousands of times more effective than the colloidal silver that has been around for more than 100 years. Nano-sized particles of silver Concentration Catalytic action Approved by the EPA Size Nano particles are so small that they pass through your body's cells instead of becoming lodged in any major organs. Perfectly safe. Silver Protocol Silver Sol has 10 parts per million (ppm) Colloidal silver has concentrations of 300 to 30,000 ppm. Catalytic Action is one way Silver Protocol Silver Sol's works. Most other silver products work by chemical action, meaning that they must have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. Take Silver Protocol Silver Sol every day to maintain a healthy immune system. Patent # 7,135,195


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