thinkThin Variety Pack (Chunky Peanut, Brownie Crunch, White Chocolate Chip), Gluten Free, 2.1-Ounce Bars (Pack of 15)


Product Description

thinkThin- Protein Bar Variety Pack includes: 5 - Chunky Peanut Butter Bars 5 - Brownie Crunch Bars 5 - White Chocolate bars The Think Thin- line of nutrition bars was created for people like me - people who think about what they eat. As a busy working mom committed to managing my weight, I wanted a truly delicious nutrition bar. All our products follow three key nutritional principles: no to low sugar (0-4g per bar), high protein and gluten free. Combined, these principles make our bars an ideal fit for your healthy weight management lifestyle*.

All thinkThin®natural snacks are based on key nutritional principles:

No Sugar • High Protein • Gluten Free

ThinkThin® Variety Pack (Chunky Peanut, Brownie Crunch, White Chocolate Chip).

Get three of our bestselling high protein bar flavors in this delicious 15 bar variety pack. This tasty collection includes 5 Chunky Peanut Butter Protein Bars, 5 Brownie Crunch Protein Bars and 5 White Chocolate Chip Bars.

The thinkThin® product family consists of nutritious and convenient natural snack bars that include:
  • 12 flavors of thinkThin® protein bars – a 0gsugar, 20g protein bar to satisfy the on-the-go, active lifestyle
  • 4 flavors of thinkThin® Bites, a100-calorie perfectly-portioned snack with five snacks per box
  • 4 flavors of thinkThin® crunch – 60% less sugar and 2X the amount of protein of other fruit and nut bars
  • 3 flavors of thinkThin®crunch fruit and nut –a mixed fruit and nut bar rich with super fruits that have 60% less sugar and 2X the amount of protein of other fruit and nut bars

Portable Nutrition
thinkThin® delivers deliciously natural nutrition for active people who care about what they eat. thinkThin® has created a whole new way to think about nutrition through an uncompromised focus on natural ingredients to support overall health and weight wellness for people on the go.

Weight Wellness

thinkThin® supports a broad premise of weight wellness – the optimal weight range where people feel at their most healthy and joyful. Weight wellness is the positive emotional outcome of living a healthy, balanced life with a strong belief in good energy, long life and warm laughter. thinkThin® is the number one ranked weight management bar in America(SPINSscan research).

The mission of thinkThin is to positively impact the lives and wellness of others and to lead in changing the endemic destruction of weight and poor nutrition related diseases in our country. We seek to share the joy of good food (in all formats) and provide portable nutrition as a solution for a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all about what’s inside
thinkThin® is a healthy solution for your busy day. Whatever else the day holds in store, a thinkThin® bar will provide energy without the punishing side effects of sugar and gluten. thinkThin® protein bars can be enjoyed at breakfast before exercise to give you energy for the day. A thinkThin® bite makes a great mid-morning snack and a thinkThin® crunch bar is perfect as amid-afternoon treat on the way to soccer practice.  All thinkThin® products are wrapped and ready to go with you wherever the day may take you, whether it's the office, the car, the gym, the mountains or onto the couch with a good book.

thinkThin® High Protein Bars
15-20g protein bars •  0gsugar •  gluten free
thinkThin® high protein snack bars with 0g sugar and20g protein come in 12 rich delicious flavors. Great tasting food that brings good energy and a quality of life and weight wellness through nutrition that allows you to live a vibrant active life on your terms.

thinkThin® Crunch: the lower sugar nut bars
10g high quality protein bars •  3-4gsugar
gluten free •  good source of fiber (3-4g)
thinkThin® Crunch is a major breakthrough in the healthy nut bar category. All four flavors have 60% less sugar and 2x the amount of protein than other leading fruit and nut bar making this delicious, crunchy, chewy bar a completely irresistible healthy snack for the foodie on the go. Loved by everyone, throughout the day.

thinkThin® Crunch Fruit & Nut bars
8g high quality protein • 6-8gsugar
gluten free • dairy free – vegan • good source of fiber(4g)
thinkThin® Crunch Fruit and Nut with 60% less sugar and 2x the amount of protein than other leading fruit and nut bars, also has the addition of some of nature’s richest super fruits. All three flavors of low sugar, sweet, tart and nutty bars are a delicious nutritious snack for any time of day. They are dairy free, vegan and provide a good source of fiber. The most difficult question is which one to pick.

thinkThin® Bites
5-6g protein • 0g sugar • gluten free
100 calories per bar
thinkThin® Bites, in four flavors, our 100 calorie, no sugar, high protein, perfect-sized healthy snack is conveniently packaged five bars to a box. A delicious, nutritious little treat that is as much about the perfect experience as it is about weight management. That’s what the people at thinkThin® call weight wellness!


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