Tsunami Soother Kava Root Powder 250g/8.8oz


Product Description

Vanuatu Kava's Premium Connoisseur Grade kava's instant kava teas are made with the finest ingredients. On Vanuatu, the native home of the Kava plant, We make our traditional powders using fresh green harvested root and separate the basil stump or chips from the lateral roots. The chips are peeled, washed and cut into pieces, then dried on stones by the farmers. Once they reach our processor the root is washed several more three times and redried. In the end what you get is 100% pure dried kava root powder with no fillers. We make two traditional powders. Tsunami Soother, is a powdered kava made from 100% dried lateral roots. This powder is darker than most and has a strong peppery kava taste that many enjoy. To prepare see our video on kava powder preparation on youtube titled, "How to Make Kava, the Blender Method," which simply uses a blender and nylon strainer and your kava is ready to drink. Our traditional powders let you experience Kava without traveling to Vanuatu. A relaxing way to end your day is with a cup of instant kava tea's Vanuatu kava, the world's finest kava. BUY Tsunami Soother Kava Tea TODAY!


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