Viva Labs Optimal GreensTM Super Foods


Product Description

Viva Labs Optimal GreensTM Super Foods, with its proprietary blend of 51 organic and natural greens, plant concentrates, fruits, herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, delivers maximum potency, freshness and nutritional value in a delicious greens powder that can be added to smoothies, juice or water. Easily achieve the USDA recommendation of 9 servings of vegetables and fruits per day with this easy-to-digest blend.

Health Benefits of Viva Labs Optimal GreensTM Super Foods:

Immune Supportive & Energizing: The Journal of The American College of Nutrition has shown Lycopene to be an immune system supporter. A study by Tufts has shown that whole oat bran phenols worked to build a strong immune system and discourage arterial plaque buildup. Our non-dairy probiotic blend encourages healthy intestinal flora, which may lead to increased nutrient uptake, immunity and improved digestion. The high chlorophyll content of our proprietary greens blend may promote increased energy and alkalinity.*

Antioxidant-Rich & Detoxifying: A rare blend of potent antioxidants, including the powerful phytochemical, astaxanthin, may promote optimal wellbeing in all body systems including joint, heart, eye, skin and nervous system health. Detoxifying compounds, such as milk thistle, aloe vera, watercress and apple pectin have been shown to support healthy liver function.*

Weight Maintenance & Stress Relief: Sea vegetables may work to support healthy thyroid function and metabolism for weight maintenance. The high fiber content in our all-natural fiber blend has been shown to reduce hunger and encourage balanced blood sugar. Unique adaptogenic and metabolic herbs may help to support adrenal function, counteracting the negative effects of stress.*


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