Weight Loss Supplement Combo Stack, Thermogenic Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant Weight Loss Stack - LIPORIDEX MAX/PM Combo-StakTM - BEST VALUE Diet Combo Kit and Fat Loss Supplement Stack. Save and Lose More Now


Product Description

Liporidex® Combo-StackTM - MAX/PM

When you're ready to get serious about getting in better shape and reducing excess fat, getting more lean and losing weight. Look no further than a Liporidex Combo-StakTM. Combining two or more Liporidex formulas is a great way to get the best results possible. Each Liporidex formula is tailored to a specific application and time of day. Individual Liporidex formulas function via specific mechanisms of action and were designed to exhibit a strong synergy when used together.

Combining Liporidex MAX and PM delivers a true knockout of punch of strength, effectiveness and convenience. Start your day off in top gear and use Liporidex MAX as an energy boosting, pre-workout, appetite suppressant and fat burning formula for the daytime hours, then switch to the stimulant free PM blend that helps curbs evening appetite, reduce craving and promotes restful sleep, while helping you recover - even as you burn fat in your sleep.


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